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Senior Recruiter

2018-06-22 StartMonday | Amsterdam | HBO | Fulltime | Sluit 2018-07-31

You will join a dynamic and fast-paced environment and work with cross-functional Agile teams to design architecture, expand and roll out this new solution. Apply now!
Senior Recruiter 
Contract or perm, Amsterdam

StartMonday is a modern recruiting platform for hospitality and retail. Our HQ is Amsterdam, our vision is global with public stock under the trading handle 'JOB' in Canada and Frankfurt.

We were the first company to introduce 15-second videos as job applications for clients like Uber, Accor, IHG. We're now a modern recruiting platform for hospitality & retail saving time, money and stress for busy employers expanding in Europe and North America - with your help! In November 2016, we also decided to take on a new challenge and to solve one of the biggest problems in the jobs market.

The problem with job applications
When you look for a job, what do you do? You go online and do a search, and a bunch of job listings come up in the results - you see one you might like on some site like Indeed or Monster, or maybe even on the careers page of a company you’re interested in, and you click on it, and there is always some form you have to fill out. The problem is, you generally have to do this 10-20 times before you get hired. That’s a lot of typing in forms! Maybe you can just upload a CV or Resume, which some sites support - but increasingly, job hunting is happening on mobile devices where your CV is not handy. Some sites like Indeed, Monster and LinkedIn have saved profiles, but they don’t work on competitors' sites. And the result is, lots of form filling, unhappy candidates, low conversion, and employers spending $200bn a year on job ads. There was no global standard for applying for jobs, so we built one.

The solution
CareerChain profiles are the easiest way to apply for all jobs with just a couple of clicks. Built on a blockchain, CareerChain profiles can be trusted; shared with anyone from any device while also protecting your privacy and data. You don’t need a digital wallet or Ether or Bitcoin. As a job seeker, you just carry on using your favourite job sites and staffing partners, automatically create a CareerChain profile and apply for jobs easily - Enter once, apply everywhere.

For both brands, StartMonday and CareerChain, we have urgent and critical hiring needs to help us succeed and need an experienced Senior Recruiter to work closely with the management team to find technical, sales and marketing talent.

You will join a dynamic and fast-paced environment and work with cross-functional Agile teams to design architecture, expand and roll out this new solution (...and yes, we know, this job application will also be much easier when we launch CareerChain in September with you).

What's in it for you?
  • Competitive fixed salary
  • Attractive, success-based bonuses
  • Very international team
  • Opportunity to travel and join sales events in Europe and North America
  • Possibility to receive stock options in StartMonday and also CareerChain tokens

How to apply
Your CV, Resume and cover will be reviewed carefully. We would also love to receive an application video from you using our own product, to get the best first impression we can! Just follow our online application form and we'll take you through it. The closing date is 31 July.

Learn more:
CareerChain Whitepaper: https://www.datocms-assets.com/5410/1527687419-whitepaper30april2018careerchain.pdf
CareerChain Website: careerchain.com.
StartMonday Website: startmonday.com.

Acquisition is not appreciated.

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